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National Events

21 Jan - 25 Jan 2019
National Sabre Camp
14 Feb - 17 Feb 2019
2019 Junior National Championships
29 Mar - 31 Mar 2019
AFC1, including U23 Epee
07 Jun 2019
National Sabre Clinic
08 Jun - 10 Jun 2019
AFC2, including U23 Foil
05 Jul - 09 Jul 2019
U15/Cadet Nationals
11 Jul - 14 Jul 2019
HPP Winter Camp - 2019
31 Jul 2019
National Sabre Clinic
01 Aug - 04 Aug 2019
AFC3, including U23 sabre

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All Fencers

Unless otherwise advised on the AFF website, all registrations for events (normal or late) are made through the AFF's Registration and Payment System ("ARPS") - see here.  There is no requirement for competitors to have their name and country/logo on their fencing uniform, or to hold an FIE licence.  Special conditions and pricing apply depending on whether you are Australian or from overseas.  Event registration usually opens about six weeks prior to each event.

Australian Fencers

National Events in Australia are open to all Australian fencers that are capitated to the Australian Fencing Federation, subject to being in good standing with both the relevant State/Territory Association and the AFF.  Teams competing at Australian events are representatives of their respective States, not of individual clubs within that State (with the exception of the Club Teams event held in some years).

Overseas Fencers

Entry to Australian National Tournaments is open to all fencers of the world.  International fencers must be a current member of their National federation which must be in good standing with the FIE, to take part, and the AFF will need to confirm as part of registration.  Fencers should note the equipment requirements for Australian National events: click here  - these may be different than those for your own Country.  Note that where it is not immediately possible to confirm good standing with your home Federation, the Tournament Management Commission must make enquiries, and this may take some days to complete.  You should allow for this time delay when registering.

The entry fee is for any/all weapons in the age group. ie. one entry fee will allow the fencer to enter the Foil, Epee, and Sabre in the age group (but an officiating levy may still apply). If there is more than one age group set of events at the tournament, and the Fencer wishes to fence in different age groups, then an entry payment per age group is required 

International Fencers (Non Oceania Confederation member countries)

Note that Teams competing at Australian events are representatives of their respective countries, not of individual clubs within that country.

If a competitor requires a formal letter of invitation (as a result of their country's residency, passport or visa conditions), this should be requested at least six weeks prior to the relevant event, by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..