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21 Jan - 25 Jan 2019
National Sabre Camp
14 Feb - 17 Feb 2019
2019 Junior National Championships
29 Mar - 31 Mar 2019
AFC1, including U23 Epee
07 Jun 2019
National Sabre Clinic
08 Jun - 10 Jun 2019
AFC2, including U23 Foil
05 Jul - 09 Jul 2019
U15/Cadet Nationals
11 Jul - 14 Jul 2019
HPP Winter Camp - 2019
31 Jul 2019
National Sabre Clinic
01 Aug - 04 Aug 2019
AFC3, including U23 sabre

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The FIE has recently (13-15 June 2015) issued and reissued an Information Letter (click here).  This contains the following text: 


At the FIE SEMI Commission's recommendation, we have decided to suspend the use of Leon Paul 2013-2015 Epee blades until hearing the final conclusions of the analyses currently underway. The FIE Executive Committee will make a final decision once it has the results of this analysis.

Manufacturers are reminded that:
- Equipment or changes to equipment not submitted for SEMI Commission approval (earlier version of PBT sabre mask),
- Equipment that does not work perfectly in all situations and therefore does not comply with FIE Rules (body wire with bayonet connection),

Will not be accepted during equipment controls at FIE competitions.

Subsequent Finding of the SEMI Commission (July 3 - click here)

Having completed the analysis of Leon Paul SR-71 Epee blades, those with dates marked 08.2012 to 06.2015 will no longer be accepted at FIE events.  Having completed the analysis of Leon Paul V Epee blades, any 08.2012 to 06.2015 blades without a serial number are suspended at FIE events.  Other blades sold by Leon Paul are not affected.

Communication from the FIE to the AFF

The AFF has been in continual dialogue with the FIE on the matter of the bayonet body wires, and was provided with the following information late on 16 June by the FIE's Sport Director:

Body wires with this type of connection (bayonet) are not allowed at any kind of FIE competitions.
So to be clear:
- all kind of body wires with this type of connection irrespective of the manufacturer
- at any FIE competitions including the ones where there is no wireless fencing

are banned.

Consequences for Australian Fencers

Australian fencers planning on travelling and competing overseas should take careful note of the blanket ban on bayonet body wires at FIE events.

The AFF Executive has acted with the most recent information to hand, and pending a formal recommendation from the Tournament Management Commission has decided that:

* Bayonet body wires will not be banned at Australian Fencing Circuit tournaments (as this is a technical issue); and

* Leon Paul FIE Epee Blades (as described in the July 3 FIE Letter) will be banned at Australian Fencing Circuit tournaments, effective immediately (as this is a safety issue)

Fencers will note that Leon Paul has removed its FIE Epee blades from its online catalogue.  The ban does not extend to epee blades which are manufactured by BF but sold by Leon Paul.

Any questions on this matter should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Updates from the Commonwealth Fencing Federation - June 2015

The CFF Technical Commission has decided, in the best interest and for the safety of all our competitors, to follow suit (regarding the FIE decision on Leon Paul dated epee blades) and also disallow their use at the forthcoming CFF Junior-Cadet Championships in Cape Town, South Africa. Therefore be advised that no weapon bearing these blades will be accepted at weapon check.

This decision does not extend to the bayonet connection body wires, also subject of a ban by the FIE, as CFF competitions do not make use of wireless apparatus and the issue is not safety-related.