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National Events

17 Mar - 18 Mar 2018
2018 HPP Autumn Invitational camp
13 Apr - 15 Apr 2018
DH McKenzie (AFC 1) includes U23 Epee
09 Jun - 11 Jun 2018
2018 Robyn Chaplin (AFC#2)
06 Jul - 09 Jul 2018
2018 HPP Winter Camp
11 Jul - 15 Jul 2018
Australian Cadet and Under 15 Championships.
09 Aug - 12 Aug 2018
AFC 3 - Perth
21 Sep - 23 Sep 2018
AFC 4 - Sydney

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Mr Andrew Ius was awarded Life membership of the Australian Fencing Federation Ltd (AFF) at the Annual General Meeting on 20 May 2017, in recognition of his many years of devoted service to the AFF and his invaluable contribution to the development of fencing in Australia.

Andrew’s involvement in the administration of Australian fencing extends over a period of 30 years, an incredible commitment of volunteer time and energy.

Most recently, Andrew served as the President of the AFF (and its predecessor entity, the Australian Fencing Federation Inc) from 2009 to 2016.

Andrew’s calm guidance and considered judgment contributed to the stable governance of the organisation during a period of considerable change, including transition to a new corporate structure and the redesign of the High Performance Program.

Andrew had been a member of the former AFF Executive (and the current Board) for 32 years, having been first elected in 1985. Andrew retired from the Board at the Annual General Meeting on 20 May 2017.

During his tenure, Andrew served in a range of roles (including Treasurer, Secretary-General and Public Officer) and sat on a number of Commissions, including the Tournament Management Commission, the Finance & Administration Commission and the Selection Commission.

During his career, Andrew has taken on team management roles for several Australian representative teams at major championships, including the World Cadet & Junior Championships and the Commonwealth Championships.

Andrew has also made an extensive contribution to the management of international fencing events in Australia and overseas, including in the following roles:
  - Sports Information Manager (fencing), Sydney Olympic Games (2000)
  - Event Director, International Epee Challenge World Cup (1992 & 1993)
  - Event Management Team, Challenge Australia (1994 – 2011)
  - Event Management Team, Veteran World Championships (2007)
  - Chair, Directoire Technique, Australian Youth Olympic Festival (2009)
  - Directoire Technique assistant, Commonwealth Veteran Championships (2012)
  - Directoire Technique member, Asian Senior Championships (2012)
  - Directoire Technique member, Olympic Zone Qualifier (2012)

Prior to joining the AFF Executive, Andrew held a range of positions with the Victorian Amateur Fencing Association (now Fencing Victoria), including periods as Treasurer, Secretary and Public Officer.