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Competitions FAQ

Questions relating to the Australian National Tournaments as hosted by the State Associations  and Australian entries for International Competitions .

If you have competed at an AFC event but for some reason your medal was not available at the time, you will have been told that you can request that medal via the AFF web site.  This can be done by filling out the form that can be found here.

Creating entries (or registrations) for a Team event involves two steps:

* The team manager (or captain) creates the team and optionally adds team members or sends invitations to members to join the team; and

* Where the team manager has not entered the team members individually, invited team members enter their details.

The processes for these two are shown on the attached documents.  Fencers and team managers / ocahces are reminded that national events require full affiliation, which is the subject of another FAQ on this web page.

Download this file (Team Registration Instructions - Team Captains.pdf)Team Captain Registrations[ ]711 kB
Download this file (Team Registration Instructions - Team Members.pdf)Team Member Registrations[ ]187 kB

Affiliation information is controlled exclusively by State Associations, but held in a central (National) database, known as the Administratve Portal.  All athletes and coaches have Portal records, as do many parents and administrators / volunteers.

Accessing the Portal

To access the AFF Administrative Portal, go to https://portal.fencing.org.au, and enter your Username (which is also your National Membership Number).

Your Username is made up using the following:
1) First letter of your firstname
2) First 2 letters of your Family name
3) Your date of birth in the format DDMMYY

eg. For Joe Bloggs, who is born on the 10 Dec 1986, his Username is JBL101286

If you do not know your password, you can use the Forgotten Password option on the Login page. This will reset your password and the system will email it to you at the email address that is in the Portal for you. Please wait up to 15 minutes for the email to arrive. If you do not receive an email, and after checking your spam/junk email folder, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with your email address.

Checking your Name and Date of Birth in the Portal

Check the Name and Date of Birth as they are displayed on the 'My Details' page in the Portal, as this is the way you have to provide your name to the competition entry system.

A common problem problem encountered by parents is the incorrect entry of their child's date of birth, so this should be checked carefully against what appears in the portal.

Checking your Current Affiliations / Memberships in the Portal

From the Menu, click on 'My Details' and from the expanded menu, click on 'Memberships (State/National)'
This will show you what memberships have been uploaded for you by your State Association. 
Ensure that you have an affiliation for the current year, and it is at the appropriate level for you,  This should be Competitive or Full or "capitated" to access any AFF activities sich as competitons, camps, squads, tours, etc.  Participative affiliations are insufficient, and this can be addressed via your State Association (only).  You should not - in the first instance - check with your club secretary, but should instead seek the assistance of the State Association as they will be best situated to assist you to get a "Competitive" AFF membership / affiliation.

You should also ensure that you have no debts due to the AFF, as this will block the Portal from being able to confirm that you have a correct State affiliation.

If any aspect of your basic Portal data is incorrect, you should contact your State Association office in the first instance (ie not the AFF).   Please be aware that some State Associations use a manual process to upload affiliations into the National Portal, which means that for those Associations, it is necessary to wait until after your State Association has manually loaded your affiliation before you can do things like register for events, purchase an FIE licence, nominate for the AFT/AFS, etc.

Checking your International Competition Eligibility in the Portal

(Only) if you are nominating for an international competition, or the High Performance Program, you must also ensure that you have satisfied all of the pre-requisites for international representation.

Check your Passport details: From the menu select "My Details" -> "My Passports", and check that you have a current passport that has been verified.  If it is not verified after 48 hours of uploading, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Check your Official photo: From the menu select "My Details" -> "Official Photo", and check that it has been verified.  If it is not verified after 48 hours of uploading, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Check your Handedness: From the menu select "My Details" -> "Personal Details", and update it if necessary.


The Australian Fencing Federation often receives queries from fencers who are living overseas and have either Australian citizenship or dual nationality, and who wish to consider the possibility of competing for (or representing) Australia.

Commonwealth and FIE events (World Cups, Commonwealth Championships, Asian and World Championships, etc.) require an FIE licence in the country of citizenship.  Membership of the Australian Fencing Team and Australian Fencing Squad presume the ability to represent Australia, which is why the relevant Athlete Agreement requires an FIE licence.  Dual nationality fencers who already have a foreign nationality FIE licence must request a switch to an Australian FIE licence.  Under the FIE's rules, it is only possible to switch countries once in an athlete's life.  Athletes should also be aware that in some countries, this then stops them from being allowed to enter competitions in their country of residence.

Some regional or national events do not require an FIE licence, merely entry by an athlete or a National Federation nominating an athlete who identifies a particular country as their country of competition.

So, the basic requirements to fence as an Australian overseas are to:

* Join a nominal club in Australia (usually in the State that the athlete has either a direct or family link with);, if required by the State Fencing Association to do so.

* Affiliate through a State Fencing Association, nominating a "full" State affiliation, which will then be recognised by the AFF as a National membership.  This is sometimes known as a Competitive affiliation, as opposed to a Participative affiliation.

It is not necessary to submit any citizenship proof, or fencing results or resume.  Any queries regarding the steps above can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To progress to respresenting Australia as part of the Australian Fencing Team, or the Australian Fencing Squad, athletes should refer to the source documentation available on this site under the High Performance Program menu.

Australian Fencing Circuit events are held in the following locations (unless otherwise specified):

Adelaide: Immanuel College Sports Centre, 32 Morphett Road, Novar Gardens

Brisbane: Yeronga State High School (formerly Yeronga TAFE), Cnr Park & Villa Street, Yeronga

Canberra: Australian Institute of Sport Main Arena, Leverrier Crescent, Bruce

Melbourne: State Fencing Centre (North Melbourne Football Club), 204 Arden Streen, North Melbourne

Perth: Cockburn Basketball Stadium, Starling St, Hamilton Hill

Sydney: NSW Fencing Centre, Building 2, 190 Bourke Road, Alexandria