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National Events

10 Jun - 12 Jun 2017
R Chaplin - AFC 2 - Adelaide
17 Jun - 18 Jun 2017
AFC Schools Teams - Brisbane
01 Jul - 04 Jul 2017
AFF National “Winter” Camp
05 Jul - 09 Jul 2017
AFC Cadet & Under 15's - Perth
22 Jul - 23 Jul 2017
Asian Cadet Epee - Brisbane
12 Aug - 13 Aug 2017
AFC Schools Individuals - Brisbane
25 Aug - 28 Aug 2017
AFC3 - Sydney
02 Sep - 03 Sep 2017
Asian Cadet Sabre - Sydney
21 Sep - 24 Sep 2017
AFC Junior Championships - Melbourne
08 Dec - 12 Dec 2017
Australian Senior and Veteran Fencing Championships - Canberra.

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National Events

The AFF advises the following dates for Australian Fencing Circuit competitions:

2017 Events

AFC1 - March 25-27 (Brisbane) - including Under-23 Epee
AFC2 - June 10-12 (Adelaide) - including Under-23 Foil
AFC Schools Teams - June 17-18 (Brisbane)
AFC Cadets / Under-15s - July 5-9 (Perth)
AFC Schools Individuals - August 12-13 (Brisbane)
AFC3 - August 25-28 (Sydney) - including Under-23 Sabre
AFC Juniors - September 21-24 (Melbourne)
AFC Nationals - December 8-12 (Canberra)

2018 Events

AFC Juniors - February 15-18 (Melbourne)
AFC1 - including Under-23 Epee - March/April (Brisbane)
AFC2 - including Under-23 Foil - June 9-11 (Adelaide)
AFC Schools Individuals - June (Brisbane)
AFC Cadets / Under-15s - July (Sydney)
AFC Schools Teams - August (Brisbane)
AFC3 - including Under-23 Sabre Aug/Sept (Sydney)
AFC4 - Sept/Oct (Sydney)
AFC Nationals - November (Melbourne)

Individual event schedules will be available when confirmed on this web site in the Competitions / National Events page.


Fees associated with registrations can be found on the AFF Fees and Charges page (click here).  The system accepts most debit and credit cards (including Amex), as well as debit Visa & Mastercard, and PayPal.  Note that registrations received after normal registration closes are deemed as late registrations, and will attract a late fee.

Event registration usually opens about six weeks prior to the start of the event.  If you affiliated with your State Association recently, and the system does not recognise you as an affiliated fencer, it is likely that your details have not been provided to the AFF by your State Association. In this case, you need to follow this up with your State Association in order to nominate in time.

The registration facility is accessible on all major computing platforms including Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and on smartphones (iPhone, Android) and tablets.

The Online Registration facility can be used for the following events (click the links to access).


Competition Name    Registration Link    Fencer List Link    Registration
AFC#2 & Under-23 Nationals (Foil only)   Registration Fencer List   1 May   27 May
AFC#2 & Under-23 Nationals (Foil only) - OVERSEAS ENTRY   Registration   Fencer List   1 May   27 May
Australian Schools Team Championships   Registration   Fencer list   14 May   N/A


The locations for all Australian competitions can be found on the Competitions / Frequently Asked Questions web page on this site (click here ).



   Registration Link    Fencer List Link       Camp Dates    Registration
2017 HPP Winter Camp Registration   Fencer List     1-4 Jul   Now   7 June
2017 HPP Summer Camp           14-17 Dec    TBA    TBA

Note that the closing date is set by the Australian Institute of Sport as a result of accommodation requirements.  Athletes wishing to attend the camp who miss the cut-off date will need to (a) pay a late registration fee, and (b) source their own accommodation near to the AIS for the duration of the camp. 

 AFT/AFS membership 

   Nomination Link    Fencer List Link   Registration Open    Registration Close
Cadet & Junior              Registration        Fencer List          Now   29 May


Other Registrations

*  Foil Squad Sessions in Victoria (Tuesday 6:30pm onwards, Friday 7pm onwards, State Fencing Centre, Arden Street) - Click here (may be used multiple times and for each quarter).  Early bird discounts and late fees apply.



Most events above will require you to be "in good standing" (e.g. have no debts owing and be correctly affiliated) with your home State Association or Federation.  Some may require the payment of a Team Levy.  As such, you should be aware that (a) entries and registrations are accepted subject to final confirmation by your home State Association or Federation, (b) any payments received will be offset first against debts owed to the AFF, then to any event entry or registration fee.

Whether or not you have used the ARPS facility before, please do not wait until the last minute to register, otherwise you may be subject to late registration fees.  Please note that the cut-off date for State affiliations for all National events is two days prior to the start of Late Entry (above).

Any questions or problems with online event entry should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The AFF Board has determined the following events - which form part of the Australian Fencing Circuit (AFC):


  Month 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
AFC Junior Nationals Feb/Mar (4) FV FV FV FV FV
AFC Open & Veterans Nationals Nov/Dec FV ACTFA ACTFA ACTFA ACTFA
AFC Under-15 / Cadet Nationals Jul NSWFA NSWFA NSWFA NSWFA NSWFA
AFC Schools Individuals Jun QFA QFA QFA QFA QFA



  1. Possibly Labour Day (Vic) / Canberra Day
  2. Queens Birthday
  3. Uni Games to be held in Surfers Paradise (TBC)
  4. Requires air conditioned venue
  5. FV is backup venue for any event where host State cannot confirm hosting 12 months in advance.



R. Chaplin (AFC#2) incorporating
the Australian Under 23 Foil Championships.
Immanuel College Sports Centre,
32 Morphett Rd, Novar Gardens South Australia
10th – 12th June 2017


Friday 9th June
06:30pm – 08:30pm – Weapons Check

Saturday 10th June

08:30am         Open Men's Epee

10:15am         Open Women's Foil

01:30pm         Australian Under-23 Men's Foil

02:00pm         Veteran Men’s & Women’s Foil

03:30pm – 04:30pm – Weapons Check

Sunday 11th June

08:30am         Open Men's Foil

10:15am         Open Women's Sabre

01:30pm         Veteran Men's & Women's Epee

02:00pm         Australian Under-23 Women's Foil

03:30pm – 04:30pm – Weapons Check

Monday 12th June

09:00am         Open Men's Sabre

10:15am         Open Women's Epee

12:30pm         Veteran Men's & Women's Sabre

As well as the identified times above, Weapons Check will also be open for the hour before each event.

Download this file (RC2017-v2.pdf)RC2017-v2.pdf[ ]87 kB

UPDATED - 8th Feb 2017

Australian Under 15 & Cadet Fencing Championships 2017
Wally Hagan Stadium, Starling St, Hamilton Hill – WA
Wednesday 5th July to Sunday 9th July
Competition Program

Tuesday 4th July, 2017
17:00-19:00 Weapons Check

Wednesday 5th July, 2017
07:30-10:00 & 12:30-13:45 Weapons Check
08:30    Cadet Men’s Foil
Cadet Men’s Foil Teams (Round of 16 only if required to immediately follow Individual Final)
10:15    Cadet Women’s Sabre
13:15    Cadet Women’s Foil (but after Cadet Women’s Sabre)
              Cadet Women’s Foil Teams (Round 0f 16 only if required to immediately follow Individual Final)
16:00-18:00 Weapons Check

Thursday 6th July, 2017
08:00-09:00 & 10:00-12:00 Weapons Check
08:30    Cadet Men’s Foil Teams (Qtr-finals to Final)
08:30     Cadet Women’s Sabre Teams
10:30     Cadet Women’s Foil Teams (Qtr-finals to Final, but after Cadet Women’s Sabre Teams)
~12:00   Cadet Men’s Epee (but after Men’s Foil teams)
               Cadet Men’s Epee Teams (Round 0f 16 only if required to immediately follow Individual Final)
16:00-18:00 Weapons Check

Friday 7th July, 2017
08:00-9:00 & 11:00-13:00 Weapons Check
08:30    Men’s Cadet Epee Teams (Quarter-Finals to Final)
09:00    Women’s Cadet Epee
              Women’s Cadet Epee Teams (following individual event)
11:45    Men’s Cadet Sabre (but after Men’s Epee teams)
              Men’s Cadet Sabre Teams (following individual event)
13:00    Men’s U/15 Epee
              Men’s U/15 Epee Teams (To round of 8  if required to immediately follow Individual Final)
16:00-18:00 Weapons Check

Saturday 8th July, 2017
07:30-09:00 & 10:30-11:30 & 13:00-14:00 Weapons Check
08:30    Women's U/15 Foil
              Women’s U/15 Foil Teams (Round 0f 16 only if required to immediately follow Individual Final)
09:00    Men’s U/15 Epee Teams (Semi-Finals to Final)
11:30    Men's U/15 Foil
              Men’s U/15 Foil Teams (Round 0f 16 only if required to immediately follow Individual Final)
14:00    Women's U/15 Sabre
              Women’s U/15 Sabre Teams (following individual event)
16:00-17:00 Weapons Check

Sunday 9th July, 2017
08:00-09:00 & 10:15-11:15 Weapons Check
08:30    Men’s U/15 Foil Teams (Quarter-Finals to Final)
09:00    Women’s U/15 Epee
               Women’s U/15 Epee Teams (to immediately follow Individual Final)    
11:15    Men’s U/15 Sabre (but after Men’s U/15 Foil Teams)
              Men’s U/15 Sabre Teams (following individual event)
14:00    Women’s U/15 Foil Teams (But after U/15 Women's Epee Teams)

Notes: ~ means times are approximate to allow for entries in separate events.  Where (but after xxxx event) is used, it means the event will commence at the indicated time, unless the last competitor from the xxxx event who is on the roll call list for the following same gender event has not yet finished their bouts, then event will be delayed until that last competitor completes those bouts.